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Focus on Emotions – Archive

Welcome to Focus On Emotions, a series that will delve into our emotional depths, getting at one inalienable truth: emotions matter. Our culture generally teaches us that feelings are to be avoided, suppressed, and controlled; that feelings lead to irrationality. But I have learned, and affective neuroscience would suggest, that feelings are central to self-knowledge, self-management, and good decision-making. This series is designed to help us better understand our emotions, how to work with them, and when needed, how to heal them.

Focus on Emotions is written and created by Dr. Sarah Thompson, Clinical Psychologist and originally published through Ryerson Student Affairs. Dr. Sarah Thompson is a Clinical Psychologist providing psychological support and treatment to students through Ryerson University’s Centre for Student Development and Counselling and to the general public through As a blog writer and aspiring children’s book author, she is excited to share her passion for the science, meaning, and experience of emotions with others.


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