Attachment and All That Monkey Business

Attachment is a huge topic. Volumes have been written about it for decades. Although as psychological theories go, it’s still considered very new. Here we will briefly cover the historical roots and central tenets of attachment theory, with a focus on applications to postsecondary student development. A History of Attachment Here’s a whirlwind overview (somewhatContinue reading “Attachment and All That Monkey Business”

What are Emotions? Turning the Inside Out

I love the films Inside Out and Home. These films brilliantly capture the interplay and complexity of human emotions. Inside Out features a cast of primary emotions (Anger, Fear, Disgust, Joy, and Sadness) all living inside the head of the protagonist, Riley. Throughout this movie, we—the audience—get a behind the scenes fantastical view of emotionsContinue reading “What are Emotions? Turning the Inside Out”

Coming Out: The Super-Feeler In Our Midst

A few years ago, I had the privilege of working with a very bright young woman who had come to learn, through personal experience and training, that emotions were largely uninteresting and irrelevant. She was training to be a mental health professional and her sentiments were not uncommon in our field. This always surprised meContinue reading “Coming Out: The Super-Feeler In Our Midst”

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