Zooming Out: Endings, Reflections, and Meaning-Making

In the process of coming to know and understand one’s emotions, and indeed one’s self, an important aspect of the process is self-reflection. Some therapy communities refer to this as ‘meaning-making,’ others as ‘meta-processing,’ or ‘consolidating’. (Check this final link out for intel on why cramming is physiologically inferior to studying spaced out over time,Continue reading “Zooming Out: Endings, Reflections, and Meaning-Making”

Healing the Feels: Tackling the Question of If and How Therapy Works

On multiple levels, I have grappled with the question of ‘if’ and then ‘how’ therapy works. As a person in my 20s, reaching out for therapy at a vulnerable point in my life, I wondered if therapy ‘worked.’ I didn’t really see how talking was going to help anything, but I knew I felt prettyContinue reading “Healing the Feels: Tackling the Question of If and How Therapy Works”

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